Who we are

In this era of E-learning, E-Education, E-Business it was an optimum decision to start a new venture with new a idea in E-concepts.

Thus a new team of engineers with experiences in various fields like education consultancy, software development, industrialist and marketing decided to come together and work to consolidate the new concept of online education. With advent of internet the geographical location and boundaries are becoming irrelevant and one can generate & nurture new ideas from any mofussil area. With this reality of future in mind our team decided to launch a concept of online coaching/education to passing out student at B.E. / B.Tech. in various branches.

This concept is a pioneering concept in itself and is being implemented for the first time in India for the examination such as GATE. We claim that we are pioneers of such a venture and will remain so in many other fields in the future too. We appeal all student & college community to be a part of this new era by registering with us.

About Our Company

GATEtutor is pioneer in providing GLOBAL E-LEARNING RESOURCE. As a professional expert, we carry a deep understanding of the subjects. As we are aware of latest trends in examination we are constantly upgrading our Application.

The services which we provide helps you to achieve your goal. Tie a new knot with the GATEtutor where you can put your study material to strategic use and get set for a future which is bright and colorful. As far as the gateway of success is concerned in GATE leave it to GATEtutor, a leading technology and service provider which helps you to build your confidence smoothly.


Our Mission is to give Innovative & Efficient Solution to support Improvements in Professional Educational Institutes, Students and Corporate Community by the use of advanced software technologies.


  • To provide technological Equivalents of Planned Obsolescence.
  • To adopts a partnership model with our client wherein “Each Client is a partner in whose success lies our Success”.
  • To provide an innovative technological solution that would empower out clients to reach new heights in all area of business.
  • To provide excellent customers service with the high returns on their Investments.