We help organizations to understand Students better. Take Assesments/Analyse Students/Make Better Decisions

GATEtutor have already made a platform for the Students for the GATE & other technical competitive examination. All over India more than 150 Engineering Institutes are using GATEtutor for Prepration as well their Online Internal Assesments based on GATEtutor Questions as well by uploading their Own Question bank Easily on GATEtutor. Based on Students Study, Practice and Internal Assesments GATEtutor generates RANK of students at every level and also generate details reports subjectwise. So Now GATEtutor have introduced the own test series totally prepared by IITans which will become India's first full lenght online assessment and hiring platform. Test Series will measurers the students Skills, Ability, Employability, Intelligence, interest. GATEtutor works with 300+ corporate clients to execute entry level assessments and has access to more than a millions of candidates through its platform. We run assessments each year in 1000+ Institutes; to help our corporate clients to reduce interview bandwidth using GATEtutor assessment, GATEtutor helps institutional clients to measure and improve employability and helps candidates move ahead on their career path.

GATEtutor is pioneer in providing GLOBAL E-LEARNING PLATFORM. As a professional expert, we carry a deep understanding of the subjects. As we are aware of latest trends in examination we are constantly upgrading our Application.

The services which we provide helps you to achieve your goal. Tie a new knot with the GATEtutor where you can put your study material to strategic use and get set for a future which is bright and colorful. As far as the gateway of success is concerned in GATE leave it to GATEtutor, a leading technology and service provider which helps you to build your confidence smoothly.

Our vision is

  • To provide technological Equivalents of Planned Obsolescence.
  • To adopts a partnership model with our client wherein “Each Client is a partner in whose success lies our Success”.
  • To provide an innovative technological solution that would empower out clients to reach new heights in all area of business.
  • To provide excellent customers service with the high returns on their Investments.

Mr. Mallikarjun believes that “Each client is a partner in whose success lies our Success” this era of E-learning, E-Education, E-Business it is an optimum decision to start a new venture with new idea in E-concepts. This changes will lead to an innovative way of hiring which will be beneficial for both the corporate & Institute. Mallikarjun is responsible for setting the overall direction and product strategy of GATEtutor. He leads the design of GATEtutor service and development of its core technology and infrastructure. Mallikarjun is an enthusiastic and inquisitive engineer with a dynamic entrepreneurial mind, he focuses on innovative e-learning solutions for engineering students. Mallikarjun has worked in academia for teaching engineering students. With a vision for development, the company is poised for growth by offering innovative services in study support for GATE aspirants and now with the unique idea have given the platform to the campus for placements. Mallikarjun is B.E in chemical with the certification in MCSE & CCNA also a good counsellor.