• Module 1: Timeline
    In this module student can Post Doubts, Gallup Poll and Share study material in any file format in Local (Intra College) and Global (Inter College) Groups.

  • Module 2: Study Center
    In this module student can study as per standard of GATE Examination. Complete and comprehensive study material covering all syllabus of GATE, which includes General Aptitude as well as Technical Aptitude. It consist of objective questions with explanation (solutions to numerical), topic wise expertise summary etc.

  • Module 3: Practice Test
    In this module student can practice by setting their own test 'n' number of times as per standard of GATE online examination.

  • Module 4: Addition of New Subjects, Topics and Questions
    In this module Student can create 'n' number of new Subjects, Topics and they can add Questions.
    Unique features – The question creation method is just you can copy-paste whatever text, equations, images and diagrams from Microsoft word to our questions text box. Also, if you are having question bank in excel format you can upload direct into the GATEtutor application for study and test purpose.

  • Module 5: Jobs and Internships
    In this module Student will get the Jobs and Internships posted by Diffrent Corporates.

  • Module 6: Test Setting
    In this module Student can conduct various types of tests for all or their Friends by manual or random test settings.
    Manual Test Setting – Student will select the set of questions for test, means they have to select the Questions of the test manually.
    Random Test Setting – Student will define only number of Questions and Marks of the test. Then GATEtutor Application will generate test automatically. In this case every Friend will get different set of Questions for their test.

  • Module 7: Reports
    In this module Student will generate test wise and Friend wise performance analysis reports. Reports can be exported in pdf, word, excel and rtf file format for printing and sharing/mailing purpose.

  • Module 8: Group Formation
    Global Groups – Student can create various global study groups for discussion, study, and practice. In this group, group-members can conduct various tests of each other.
Psychological Tests:
Month Test
September 1st Psychological test
October 2nd Psychological test
November 3rd Psychological test

Topic Test:
Month 1st Week 2nd Week 3rd Week 4th Week
December 1st Topic test 2nd Topic test 3rd Topic test 4th Topic test
January 5th Topic test 6th Topic test 7th Topic test 8th Topic test
February 9th Topic test 10th Topic test 11th Topic test 12th Topic test

Subject Test:
Month 1st Week 3rd Week
March 1st Subject Test 2nd Subject Test
April 3rd Subject Test 4th Subject Test

  • Topic test will be of 30 marks for 60 min 10 for one marks 10 two marks (Non-Tech & Tech Aptitude, Skill, Interest, and General Knowledge test).
  • Subject Test will be of 50 marks 20 one marks 15 two marks questions for 90 min.
  • For all above tests, we will strictly follow only updated GATE pattern & syllabus.
  • All these test questions are created by IITians.


With a Student account, students get the opportunity to Prepare for GATE & all other technical examination. Also get an opportunity to build career & get placed in the desired company through GATETutor.

  • Get the question Bank which covers entire syllabus of GATE examination.
  • Practise Test unlimited.
  • Get chance to place in a Blue-Chip Companies/MNC’s/PSU/ & Government Sector.
  • With GATEtutor Test-Series get an opportunity to choose the right path for the career which in future beneficial for placement.

One Year


Two Years


Three Years


Four Years



Student joins Engineering college to fulfil their dreams which we have exactly thought of, but in reality we are far away from that, the reason is you yourself don’t know where exactly your calibre is and where you have to move in your life. We here at GATEtutor solves your problem by providing different test series which helps you to understand where exactly your talent is. We provide you Technical Test Series with GATE pattern as well as Psychometric test, your Skill, your Interest & General Knowledge test. Which not only help you to know what exactly you are but also plays a very important role in your academics and career.

We here at GATEtutor gives the students to prepare best possible manner for GATE, which will not only be beneficial for the Higher Studies but also for Placement. You as a Student also get an opportunity to get placements in a Blue chip companies/ MNC’S/ PSU & Government Sector.

Four P Plan for Students

Prepare with Complete & Comprehensive Study material covering all syllabus of GATE which includes General Aptitude as well as Technical. It consists of more than Fifteen Thousand Objective Questions with detail solutions.


Students can practice by setting their Own Test 'n' number of times as per standard of GATE. Institute Faculties also assign tests to the Student for the practice.


GATEtutor will conduct Forty Topic tests, Ten Subject test and Two Mock GATE online tests in a year. These tests are totally prepared by IITians.


Based on Preparation, Practice tests & Tests conducted by GATEtutor, GATEtutor generates GATEtutor RANK & SCORE of Students and based on GATEtutor RANK, GATEtutor SCORE different Companies offers you first job.